Glenn Green Galleries has represented Richard for sale of his fine art photographic prints since 2001.  The gallery presents a rotating display of framed prints in various sizes, ranging from 8" x 12" to the impressive 40" x 50" prints produced from medium format transparencies.  The Gallery and extensive
sculpture garden are located in Tesuque, New Mexico, adjacent to Santa Fe.  Additionally, the Gallery maintains displays on the grounds and throughout the buildings of The Phoenician resort and spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Arizona Aikido Ki Society in Scottsdale is associated with the Japan based Ki No Kenkyukai, and offers instruction in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, as taught by master Koichi Tohei Sensei.  Aikido emphasizes the concept of the coordination of mind and body, and teaches awareness of the ki (energy) of the universe.  Aikido is perhaps the most modern form of Japanese martial art, having been developed during the first half of the 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba, otherwise referred to as
the great teacher.

Statistics 101 is a giftware computer program that interprets and executes the simple "Resampling Stats" programming language.  The Statistics 101 website was designed and is maintained by John Grosberg.  Many thanks to John for his instruction and guidance during the building of this RB Photo Art website.

The Nature Workshops has been offering high quality nature photography workshops since 1996.  They are devoted to serving nature photography enthusiasts who want to improve their skills and vision.  If you are looking for workshops that take you to the field and keep you busy making images, we will take you to some of North America's most inspirational locations for the highest quality, one-on-one, in-the-field photographic instruction.  As an instructor with The Nature Workshops, Richard has led workshops in several of Arizona's most scenic areas, as well as in Yosemite, Glacier and Death Valley National Parks, and also in Banff and Jasper National Parks in the Canadian Rockies. 
The Selby Fleetwood Gallery is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at 600 Canyon Road, in the heart of the gallery district.  The Gallery's artists work across the range of contemporary and traditional art.  Their works are imaginative and beautiful contemplations on our world.  The collections include paintings,
sculpture and ceramics.  The Gallery is owned and operated by Selby Fleetwood, Eddie Buchbinder and Richard Buchbinder.

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Strabo Tours is dedicated to enriching your life, helping you see the world with new eyes, and creating images that express your unique experience to others.  You will travel in the company of talented professionals on a landscape or wildlife photography tour, following routes that have been designed exclusively for photographers.  Some trips have a cultural orientation; some are almost exclusively devoted to wildlife photography or landscape photography; others have a combination of natural history and culture.  We use the services of skilled local guides and naturalists in each country to provide expertise in the natural history and culture of the area. Their in depth knowledge of our destinations and local cultures places you in the best location at the best time.  Group size is limited, particularly important to photographers, who need to take time at each location and move about as unobtrusively as possible.  The tour leaders are experienced photographers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and passion.  Our tours are journeys of discovery that take you to great photographic locations with wonderful opportunities for informal, hands-on learning.

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve lies along much of the eastern boundary of Scottsdale, Arizona.  It currently occupies over 16000 acres, and the City of Scottsdale plan includes expansion of the Preserve to over 36000 acres.  The Preserve includes the McDowell Mountains, which rise to 4000 feet in elevation.  Expansive stretches of Sonoran Desert, with a wide range of flora and fauna, make up the balance of the acreage.  The Preserve includes many miles of hiking, horse and bike trails which are open to the public, and also offers a variety of group activities, including an annual photography contest.  The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, a non-profit organization, serves as steward of the Preserve.
Rose Erato is a photographer, artist and designer.  Her love of people, animals and travel has allowed her to produce an eclectic collection of images.  Rose enjoys directing her subjects through the shoot, as well as using a wide range of visual props within the frame.  She also employs post production digital tone and color adjustments to achieve her vision for the finished image.